6 Reasons Every Hospital Should Implement a Cloud-based System in 2022

A doctor uses his hospital’s cloud-based system

Cloud-based systems are vital in boosting growth and efficiency across multiple medical specialties. As the digital market grows, technology becomes more advanced, and patients are more engaged, it becomes more critical for hospitals to have efficient systems that allow for optimal patient care without undue IT burden.  This is especially true in the bariatric market, […]

4 Effective Ways to Educate Surgery Patients

Doctor Educates Surgery Patient

Healthcare is rapidly evolving toward patient-centricity, putting patients more in control of their own decision-making than ever before. With cutting-edge technology and growing out-of-pocket insurance costs, the digital era has encouraged patients to research more into their medical choices.  Likewise, the digital revolution provides more opportunities for medical practices to educate surgery patients better.  There […]

9 Ways to Connect With The Patient Community in Bariatrics: The Importance of Patient Enablement

As a healthcare provider and bariatrics surgeon, you are dedicated to ensuring a high success rate for your patient’s weight loss surgery. Patient engagement is critical to how successful your bariatric patient’s results will be. Ensuring their successful results through patient enablement will improve the operational outcomes for your practice as well. Connecting with your […]

Cutting Edge Technology Helps New Moms Prepare and Care for Their Baby

Wisconsin's first facility to use Wellbe

Wellbe is proud to partner with Sauk Prairie Healthcare in bringing care automation to their Birth Center.  Funded by a generous gift from Lea Culver, moms are now receiving information to meet their needs, when they need it, through ConnectedCare’s interactive patient pathways.  Lea was impressed by what she saw.  “It was great to see how […]

11 Ways to Acquire Surgery Patients for Your Practice

Physician asking and sharing patient reviews online as a strategy to acquire surgery patients for your practice

This article dives into effective strategies to help you acquire surgery patients for your practice, so you can grow and maintain positive cash flow. Acquiring new patients is essential to generating revenue in your practice, but the challenge of finding potential new patients can be daunting.  Read on to explore practical strategies for attracting new […]

How Virtual Consultations Work for Bariatric Surgery 

patient and doctor collaborating during a bariatric surgery virtual consultation

This article offers an overview of how virtual consultations work for bariatric surgery. While COVID-19 may have triggered a surge in telehealth visits, there are no signs that the trend is slowing. Knowing how to lead effective virtual consultations can increase surgery follow-through rates and improve patient outcomes.  If you’re still feeling uncomfortable using technology […]