2 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Bariatric Care Forever

In recent years, bariatric surgery has become more appreciated.  Many studies show that bariatric surgery is not only the most effective way to lose weight, but also helps to alleviate/eliminate other comorbidities like diabetes.  And with improved technologies for conducting the surgery safely as well as expanding insurance coverage, bariatric surgery is positioned for growth.  […]

9 Tips for Providing a Better Patient Experience in Orthopedic Care

A physician collects feedback from a patient with a broken leg to provide a better patient experience

It has never been more critical for orthopedic practices to work toward ensuring a better patient experience. Orthopedic surgeons today face many challenges, including: An uncertain economy A saturated healthcare industry The advent of non-surgical treatment alternatives Rising implant costs Few insurance-reimbursed therapies Increasing demands and delays with prior authorization by insurance companies To stay […]

The 1-2-3 Guide to Workflow Automation for Healthcare and Surgery

A doctor uses workflow automation for healthcare

One innovative technology, two key concepts, three major benefits: discover how to transform your practice with workflow automation for healthcare and surgery. Healthcare workflow automation is a powerful tool. It offers cost savings, improved communication, and lower rates of clinician burnout, all built on a foundation of accessibility and patient-centered care. In fact, through workflow […]

How to Assess Surgery Risk in Orthopedic Patients

A doctor assesses the surgery risk of her orthopedic patient

Assessing surgery risk in your orthopedic patients is pivotal to reducing complications and improving health outcomes.  The methods and models we use to assess surgical risk are continuously evolving. Looking to the future, a recent survey found that 58% of orthopedic surgeons at Mass General expect to integrate AI-based risk prediction models into their practice […]

How to Enhance the Patient Experience at Every Touchpoint

A positive patient experience at reception

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to improve or compromise the patient experience. Today’s healthcare system is in the midst of a digital transformation accelerated by Covid-19. Patients are increasingly turning to digital channels to find information, schedule appointments, and communicate with their providers. It’s changing the way we interact with patients at every touchpoint along […]

Why Patient Satisfaction in Surgery is Critical

Why Patient Satisfaction in Surgery is Critical How can you measure and improve on the all-important metric of patient satisfaction in surgery? Patient satisfaction is an important consideration for any medical practice. But it’s particularly critical when it comes to surgery. After all, when patients are satisfied with their care, they’re more likely to return […]