3 Examples of Improved Patient Experience for the New Year

As a lead in to the New Year and resolutions, we’ve decided to feature three health systems that are taking steps towards doing patient experience the right way:

  1. The Cleveland Plain Dealer featured a story about how Cleveland Clinic has worked hard and spent $11 million in recent years to develop a patient satisfaction strategy and then train its staff to provide "world-class care." Scores have risen every year over the last five years.
  2. Nurse.com featured an editorial piece on Dignity Health, which celebrated the patient experience by documenting patients’ and families’ opinions, comments and thoughts in videos and then had nursing staff watch them throughout the month. "Nurses in the 17,400-nurse system said they listened, learned and finished the month with a renewed sense of purpose."
  3. Yuma District Hospital was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review for their patient-centered medical home model. They placed their primary care providers into medical teams and staff two "care navigators" as part of the initiative. The hospital is seeing positive movement on their HCAHPS scores.

The various methods and strategies shown by these three systems shows that improved patient experience can be achieved in many ways. Still, most hospitals have yet to tap the potential for eHealth technology to shape continuous engagement, relationship management, and the cost and outcomes advantages that come from adding online tools to the equation. If you want to start tackling your patient experience challenges or take the next step to develop your "e-patient" strategy, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us for a patient experience assessment.

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