6 Transferable Learnings from the Relationship-Based Care Symposium

Physician Patient CommunicationLast week, in Huron, Ohio we took part in the International Relationship-Based Care Symposium hosted by Creative Healthcare Management. We spent a few days in conversations with nursing leaders exchanging notes and learning at this conference. Here are some insights to share:

  • Roger Nierenberg’s The Music Paradigm relayed to leaders that no matter how much you wave the baton, music comes from the musicians, not the conductor. Healthcare, like orchestrated music, takes a team, which must have a common vision to succeed.
  • Nurses shared personal experiences about why they chose the profession and why they keep showing up every day. Sometimes a little time outside the hospital race is needed to reflect and appreciate this choice.
  • Daniel Pink provided insights on motivating people at work, proving it’s not always about “show me the money.” Providing opportunities for autonomy, mastery and purpose will deliver better results in environments that require complex cognitive tasks.
  • An industry panel discussion on “high tech and high touch” showed that technology does not have be contrary to relationships, but they can combine to elevate the patient experience. Attendees were encouraged to look beyond their EMRs to consumer solutions that can be modeled for healthcare.
  • Brene Brown revealed that there is strength in vulnerability, but only those who are willing to take off their “armor” and dare greatly can experience the benefits. She challenged each of us to “step into the arena” and be seen.
  • Marie Manthey, the founder of the Primary Nurse movement, highlighted the shift in patient expectations, the greater need for teamwork, and pointed out that we are entering the age of patient partnerships.

The conference was an excellent reminder that in all the hustle to change the healthcare system, we must not lose sight of the essential purpose of it all – to focus on the patients and to carry them through their healing. It seems harder and harder to find this focus as we wrestle with cost reductions, new regulations, and the reinvention of healthcare so it’s good to see that nurse leaders are working hard to keep this flame alive.

We’re continuing the conversation this week by hosting a free webinar on Thursday with CHCM’s Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN on “Improving the Patient Experience by Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Families.” You will learn the four practices that will help you to create therapeutic relationships with patients and families in even the most chaotic, time-constrained environments.

The therapeutic relationship is what brings Relationship-Based Care to life. The purpose of the therapeutic relationship is to facilitate the capacity of patients and their loved ones to cope with illness and to invite them into full partnership in their healing and health. It is grounded in medical, nursing, and psychological research, and it is built on the healing power of authentic connection. Register now!

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