A Business Case for Patient Engagement

Recently I have seen the question asked: Is there a business case for patient engagement?

Although the ROI may be difficult to shake out at first thought, I believe the numbers are there. Check out the examples from Healthcare Finance News in "4 ways patient engagement reduces healthcare costs:"

  1. Medication management – Adherence can reduce complications, readmissions and adverse events.
  2. Automated preventive screenings – Capturing patient conditions early can save money and lives.
  3. Best-of-class educational content for the patient from the physician – A better educated patient puts less strain on a doctor and their support staff with questions.
  4. Clinical research – Engaging patients can help find candidates for clinical trials to get new treatments faster.

Patients must be engaged beyond the clinic visit to realize these cost savings. A survey published by Varolii found that patients want doctors to communicate with them by text and email when they are not sick. They are looking for medication reminders and tips for staying healthy.

Read more at Healthcare IT News: "According to the survey, 50 percent of respondents said they believed texts, emails or smartphone apps with tips, reminders and encouragement could have helped them avoid a past health problem."

Patient Relationship Management systems like Wellbe.me can give patients the checklists, reminders, and education they are seeking in a drip-like format to keep them engaged all the way through a lengthy treatment like orthopedic procedures. Get a demo today to see how.

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