3 Highly Effective Ways to Speed Up Orthopedic Surgery Recovery in Patients

ERAS ensures a multifaceted aftercare health team is in place for orthopedic surgery recovery.

Increasingly, international health care facilities are adapting their healthcare services to implement Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) principles. Known as ERAS, enhanced recovery after surgery protocols incorporate various health strategies that nurture and accelerate the rate of orthopedic surgery recovery time.  ERAS’s goal is aimed at reducing the stress of surgery on your patients by […]

4 Challenges in the Bariatric Market in 2021 and Beyond

Folders with tabs relevant to the bariatric market “obesity,” “weight loss,” “bariatric surgery,” ”gastric bypass,” and “sleeve gastrectomy.”

Recent studies show that the global bariatric market is growing at a robust rate. However, there are challenges ahead that may limit your ability to increase your patient base and surgical volume. The good news is that leveraging personalized care automation solutions is one of the most effective ways to address potential barriers to growth […]

How Patient Enablement Builds Partnership and Boosts Your Bottom Line

A patient holding a tablet has a video call with a doctor as part of their healthcare provider’s patient enablement strategy.

Are you looking for ways to cut back on costs and boost the revenue of your medical group or bariatric specialty? If so, you might want to consider one often overlooked, yet crucial factor: patient enablement. Key Takeaways Patient enablement gives patients the ability to self-manage important steps in their healthcare journeys. A growing body […]

Using Online Solutions to Overcome Barriers to Patient Engagement

A happy elderly woman and her healthcare provider using technology to overcome barriers to patient engagement

The need for patient engagement is clear, yet many healthcare organizations are left wondering why it is so hard to implement effective strategies when the benefits are so clear. Providers and healthcare systems need novel online solutions to overcome barriers to patient engagement Evidence shows that 63% of patients seek information on the internet before […]

5 Tips for Improving Bariatric Patients’ Experience

Studies show that bariatric surgery, in combination with dietary and behavioral changes, is the most effective clinical intervention for patients with severe obesity. However, to maximize the benefits of the treatment, it is essential to take into account the bariatric patients’ experience, both pre- and post-surgery.  Holistic and long-term follow-up care that pays heed to […]

Our Founding Story Began with Humble Observations on Healthcare

Wellbe’s foundation is rooted in the patient experience

Wellbe’s foundation is rooted in the patient experience. We are a healthcare company that facilitates the sharing of information between providers and patients for successful case outcomes. We leverage technology and industry knowledge to create solutions that lessen the burden on doctors, nurses, and other health administrators by enabling patients to actively participate in their […]

Wellbe Inc., Names Darcey Nett as Chief Growth Officer

Darcey Nett wellbe digital healthcare automation madison wi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 16, 2021 Wellbe Inc. names Darcey Nett as Chief Growth Officer, focusing on accelerating expansion into new markets and service lines MADISON, Wisc. — Wellbe Inc., a healthcare automation company that makes care easier and more affordable with digital self-service tools for patients and providers, today announced Darcey Nett as Chief […]

Madison’s digital health care Company, Wellbe, announces funding

wellbe digital healthcare automation madison wi

Wellbe, a Madison company that makes digital health care tools for patients and providers, said it has received more than $2 million in investment commitments led by HealthX Ventures with co-investment by WISC Partners. The company’s platform, called ConnectedCare, is used by 21 health care systems in 16 states, in orthopedics, bariatrics, cardiology and oncology, […]

Wellbe Inc. Receives Series A Funding From HealthX Ventures and WISC Partners

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wellbe Inc., a healthcare company that makes care easier and more affordable with digital self-service tools for patients and providers, today announced more than $2 million in investment commitments led by HealthX Ventures with co-investment by WISC Partners. “Wellbe connects patients and providers in ways that make healthcare more accessible, effective, and affordable” Wellbe’s digital care […]

Wellbe fares well with new investment

Even the best-laid plans can change their paths. So it is with business startups, too — even those in Madison’s booming health tech industry. Wellbe, founded in 2010, designed Guided CarePaths for patients facing surgery or other procedures — providing advance information, forms to complete, reminders and follow-up recovery instructions — to get them involved […]