Wellbe names former Baxa CEO Gregory Baldwin as CEO; founder James Dias becomes president and chief innovation officer

MADISON, Wisc. – Wellbe Inc., a leading SaaS digital health company providing patient navigation for specialty care patient journeys, today announced the appointment of a new CEO, Gregory Baldwin.  James Dias, Founder of Wellbe, will continue as President and Chief Innovation Officer. Mr. Baldwin is an early investor and a longtime board member of the […]

How to Find and Target Bariatric Surgery Patients in 2022

targeting bariatric surgery patients

Despite its many benefits, weight loss surgery remains underutilized. This negatively impacts both patient health and the growth of your practice. To boost surgical volume and ensure that more people get the procedures they need, you should develop a well-thought-out strategy to target bariatric surgery patients. Key Takeaways Eligible surgery candidates face multiple barriers to […]

5 Additional Revenue Sources for Surgery Every Bariatric Practice Should Consider

If you’re ready to expand your bariatric practice, choosing additional revenue sources for your surgery can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The right approach makes all the difference. Eighty-two percent of physicians recently surveyed said that their practice offers one or more ancillary services to expand their revenue streams. Additional revenue sources […]

How to Meet Obesity Treatment Demands Using PROMs

Overweight person and well be bariatrics

With obesity on the rise exacerbated by Covid-19, the number of patients seeking weight loss treatment continues to increase. Is your bariatric practice equipped to meet those obesity treatment demands? In the previous decade, the estimated number of annual bariatric procedures performed rose from 158,000 to 256,000, an increase of 62%. Obesity providers everywhere need […]

4 Benefits of Patient Accountability Before and After Surgery

Patient preparedness is key to great health outcomes, lower costs, and higher levels of patient satisfaction. But have you considered how patient accountability before and after surgery can help you achieve it? According to a recent review, only 11% of publications discussed accountability as a factor influencing patient adherence, indicating that patient accountability may be […]

Word-of-Mouth Patient Referrals: The Most Powerful Acquisition Tool

word of mouth patient referrals

In this article, you’ll learn why word of mouth patient referrals are among the most powerful patient acquisition tools to help grow your practice.  For providers, word-of-mouth referrals are the gold standard of marketing. That’s because patients place a high value on social proof and personal stories from other patients. In fact, many new patients […]

How to Simplify and Better Enable the Bariatric Patient Journey

Bariatric surgery

Making your bariatric patient journey as simple and enabled as possible is the best way to ensure optimal results for both your patients and your business. The way you communicate with your patients matters. Almost half of all patients use technology such as email, text messaging, or messaging via their electronic health record to communicate […]

How to Develop an Effective Patient Tracking System

Having a patient tracking system in place helps you ensure that every patient receives the care they need. With it, you can reduce the risk of delivering substandard care, losing valuable revenue opportunities, or incurring unnecessary expenses.  Traditional paper or dry-erase board-based patient tracking systems can no longer keep up with the growing needs and […]

4 Patient Enablement Challenges for Surgery

How you communicate with your patients matters: to them, their health, and your practice’s bottom line. Conquer these four patient enablement challenges to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes and help your practice grow. Across the board, physicians overestimate how well their patients can adhere to their recommendations. Ninety-three percent of physicians believe their patients […]

How to Collect High-Quality PROMs for Surgery

Patient-reported outcomes are a crucial tool for every surgical practice, but how do you know if you’re collecting high-quality PROMs for surgery? The quality of the data you collect can be the difference between your practice’s success and failure. Patient-reported outcomes highlight the most meaningful changes to your patients’ lives resulting from their procedures. A […]