Bariatric Patient ManagementTM

Wellbe collaborates with bariatric program directors to deliver the most comprehensive set of automated workflows integrated into a single journey designed for bariatric patients.


Challenges Facing Bariatric Programs

  1. Patient acquisition is time consuming; marketing doesn't necessarily drive qualified leads. "We don't have a systematic approach to fostering high-quality leads." - Program Manager, Community Hospital in Virginia
  2. Getting patients successfully through the maze of insurance requirements is complicated. "We can lose 50 percent of the patients we get because they drop out during the insurance process." - MD, Bariatric Surgeon
  3. Patient outcomes would benefit from better surgical prep and long-term tracking. "We don't have a good way to track our patients efficiently from initial consult through recovery." - MD, Major Academic Hospital

Building Blocks for Success

  • ChoicePath: Decision support & CRM for patient acquisition
  • CheckPath: Tailored checklist for managing insurance requirements
  • CarePath: Guided patient journeys for surgery and prep recovery

What We Do

Wellbe gives patients an online experience to learn and share more about their decision. Care teams can manage patient pipelines and pathways in one location.

CheckPath - Lange

Driving Efficiency and Growth with a comprehensive, coordinated journey for the connected patient; guided by the care team. Higher patient volume. Lower insurance dropouts. Fewer surgery cancellations. Better long-term outcomes.

Education & Assessments for Surgery to get patients properly optimized and ready for their procedure. Care cards with action items for the patient. Recommended readings. Tracker so patients know where they are in their journey.

Provider Tools to easily track and manage patients, view robust analytics and generate reports to show patient progress. Population progress charts. Prospect tracker. Checklist manager.

Why Wellbe?

Seven reasons why Wellbe’s ConnectedCare is the better choice.

  1. Turnkey solutions that can be implemented quickly.
  2. Automated workflows that save staff time and money.
  3. Self-Service tools that improve patient engagement and satisfaction
  4. Scalable solutions that work across the hospital and system.
  5. Analytics to track patient-generated data and program performance
  6. Industrial-grade systems that meet rigorous standards for HIPAA and HiTech
  7. Low cost of ownership that means better margins