Bariatric Patient Management
The smarter way to drive patient acquisition, insurance evaluation, surgical preparation, and long-term outcomes
3 Challenges Facing Bariatric Programs

Patient acquisition is time consuming; marketing doesn’t necessarily drive qualified leads. 

"We don't have a systematic approach to fostering high-quality leads." -- Program Manager, Community Hospital in Virginia

Getting patients successfully through the maze of insurance requirements is complicated.
​​​​​​​"We can lose 50 percent of the patients we get because they drop out during the insurance process." -- MD, Bariatric Surgeon

Patient outcomes would benefit from better surgical prep and long-term tracking.

"We don't have a good way to track our patients efficiently from initial consult through recovery." -- MD, Major Academic Hospital

3 Building Blocks for Success
The most comprehensive set of automated patient workflows integrated into a single journey designed for bariatric patients 
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Decision support & CRM for patient acquisition
Through a targeted qualification process, ChoicePath provides patients with a tailored experience in order to identify those who are committed to surgery and ready for a consultation.
Tailored checklists for managing insurance requirements
A central location created to inform patients on their specific pre-authorization requirements, and give patients the ability to communicate with their care team and stay on track with their tasks.
Guided patient journeys for surgery prep and recovery
In order to ensure the best possible outcome, CarePath supports patients by providing relevant educational content and structured activities throughout each step of the bariatric program. 
What Bariatric Patients are Saying
Understanding where a patient is coming from allows you to further engage them with a personalized educational experience
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I never thought that losing weight would have so many emotional and psychological implications​​​​​​​.
​​​​​​​- Judy
What's keeping me going is the support I'm getting from the lovely people online in the support groups. They understand the struggles and the process, they see the positives that have happened to them and are willing to spur you on and share the knowledge. 
​​​​​​​- Tonia
My biggest struggle which I feel is the same struggle as everybody else - is how long from the decision of doing this till you actually get it done and the expense. It takes so long and there are so many hoops to jump through and so much money put out that sometimes you feel like giving up. I haven't given up yet as I keep thinking of the money that I've spent and I think of the outcome of what will be.
​​​​​​​- Paul
Giving patients an online experience to learn and share more about their decision
Care teams can manage patient pipelines and pathways in one location
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Driving efficiency and growth
A comprehensive coordinated journey for the connected patient; guided by the care team
Higher patient volume
Lower insurance dropouts
Fewer surgery cancellations
Better long-term outcomes
Education & Assessments for Surgery
Getting patients properly optimized and ready for their procedure
Care Cards with action items for patient
Recommended readings
Tracker so patients know where they are in the journey
Provider Tools to Track & Manage Patients
Robust analytics and reporting to show patient progress
Population progress charts
Prospect tracker
Checklist manager