Do you have a clear picture of how your patient-facing activities are conducted? Where variations or redundancies occur? How staff is utilized?

Wellbe patient journey

Recent findings:

  • 39 of 40 patient-related activities are being conducted by at least 3 different roles.
  • Every care-team role identified as being involved for 7 patient-related activities.
  • Technology deemed the most effective & efficient way for a patient to receive information for 25 activities.

The number of gaps and overlaps in your care coordination efforts might surprise you.

Your coordinated engagement with patients is crucial to the performance success of your program. 

With Wellbe’s complimentary Patient-Related Activities Assessment, your team can diagnose and uncover gaps and opportunities to improve patient care and satisfaction. Armed with these insights, leaders can: 

  • Prioritize areas for process improvement 
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Provide a superior care redesign


Getting started is easy! Simply provide your name and email to get a link to the survey.

Wellbe Care Redesign Assessment

“We were able to confirm our suspicions that our teams were comparing apples and oranges but also gained new insights on our processes as well. I love it, and do so appreciate how you’re making this so easy for us!”

~Performance Improvement Director, non-profit hospital