How to Find and Target Bariatric Surgery Patients in 2022

targeting bariatric surgery patients

Despite its many benefits, weight loss surgery remains underutilized. This negatively impacts both patient health and the growth of your practice. To boost surgical volume and ensure that more people get the procedures they need, you should develop a well-thought-out strategy to target bariatric surgery patients. Key Takeaways Eligible surgery candidates face multiple barriers to […]

5 Additional Revenue Sources for Surgery Every Bariatric Practice Should Consider

If you’re ready to expand your bariatric practice, choosing additional revenue sources for your surgery can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The right approach makes all the difference. Eighty-two percent of physicians recently surveyed said that their practice offers one or more ancillary services to expand their revenue streams. Additional revenue sources […]

How to Meet Obesity Treatment Demands Using PROMs

Overweight person and well be bariatrics

With obesity on the rise exacerbated by Covid-19, the number of patients seeking weight loss treatment continues to increase. Is your bariatric practice equipped to meet those obesity treatment demands? In the previous decade, the estimated number of annual bariatric procedures performed rose from 158,000 to 256,000, an increase of 62%. Obesity providers everywhere need […]

How to Simplify and Better Enable the Bariatric Patient Journey

Bariatric surgery

Making your bariatric patient journey as simple and enabled as possible is the best way to ensure optimal results for both your patients and your business. The way you communicate with your patients matters. Almost half of all patients use technology such as email, text messaging, or messaging via their electronic health record to communicate […]

4 Bariatric Innovations Transforming the Obesity Care Industry

The frontiers of bariatric innovation hold exciting new technologies that are transforming the obesity care industry. Healthcare is constantly evolving. The use of robotic surgery increased by over 13% between 2012 and 2018 alone. In the bariatric specialty, robotic procedures are just one of the modern advancements driving changes in how we approach every stage […]

Why Offer Remote Patient Monitoring to Bariatric Surgery Candidates

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one of the most powerful tools in the bariatric practitioner’s toolkit. A 2021 BMJ Open systematic review of 91 studies found that RPM reduced emergency presentations, hospital admissions, and length of stay for all disease conditions. Another, bariatric-specific systematic review indicates that eHealth interventions – including remote self-monitoring and reporting […]

2 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Bariatric Care Forever

In recent years, bariatric surgery has become more appreciated.  Many studies show that bariatric surgery is not only the most effective way to lose weight, but also helps to alleviate/eliminate other comorbidities like diabetes.  And with improved technologies for conducting the surgery safely as well as expanding insurance coverage, bariatric surgery is positioned for growth.  […]

Digital Tools for Bariatric Patients: Rich Data & Better Communication

Your patients do not tell you everything, which may hurt both treatment outcomes and your bottom line. This article explains how digital tools for bariatric patients help bridge the information gap, deliver better care, and boost your ROI.        Consider this: Despite overwhelming empirical support for the effectiveness of bariatric surgery, patients continue to underutilize it. […]

3 Tools for Conducting Online Education: Bariatrics Programs Done Right

A clinician plans online education for bariatrics patients

Creating online education for bariatric patients can be easy with the right tools. It should come as no surprise that most patients are online daily. According to Pew Research, 31% of US adults say they are online “almost constantly.” Providing bariatric patient education online not only reaches patients where they already feel most comfortable but […]

5 Advantages of Early Patient Engagement in Surgery

Early patient engagement in surgery between a bariatric surgeon and her new patient.

Early patient engagement in surgery resulting in tailored care plans comes with a wide range of benefits to both your patients and your practice. By proactively reaching out to patients early, you build a stronger relationship with them, which in turn strengthens their trust in your medical practice. In today’s health care landscape, many practices […]