3 Tools for Conducting Online Education: Bariatrics Programs Done Right

A clinician plans online education for bariatrics patients

Creating online education for bariatric patients can be easy with the right tools. It should come as no surprise that most patients are online daily. According to Pew Research, 31% of US adults say they are online “almost constantly.” Providing bariatric patient education online not only reaches patients where they already feel most comfortable but […]

5 Online Patient Education Solutions for Your Surgery Practice

A patient in a wheelchair uses online patient education solutions

Every surgery practice should consider trying the five online patient education solutions we’ve listed below. Patient education is a vital part of the surgical journey. A recent study found patients were 11% more knowledgeable and procedures went 14% quicker after web-based patient education.  The landscape has changed. The pandemic forced healthcare to move online at […]

Prevent Burnout: Using Automated Patient Enablement Platforms

A doctor shows her colleague how their automated patient enablement platform can relieve them of day-to-day admin work

Automated patient enablement platforms are the most effective way to reduce burnout amongst clinicians by relieving them of day-to-day admin work. The Covid-19 Pandemic exacerbated an already growing crisis of burnout amongst healthcare professionals. Despite displaying high levels of resilience, one in five healthcare workers have quit their job during the pandemic, and an additional […]

4 Effective Ways to Educate Surgery Patients

Doctor Educates Surgery Patient

Healthcare is rapidly evolving toward patient-centricity, putting patients more in control of their own decision-making than ever before. With cutting-edge technology and growing out-of-pocket insurance costs, the digital era has encouraged patients to research more into their medical choices.  Likewise, the digital revolution provides more opportunities for medical practices to educate surgery patients better.  There […]