Why Patient Satisfaction in Surgery is Critical

Why Patient Satisfaction in Surgery is Critical How can you measure and improve on the all-important metric of patient satisfaction in surgery? Patient satisfaction is an important consideration for any medical practice. But it’s particularly critical when it comes to surgery. After all, when patients are satisfied with their care, they’re more likely to return […]

Digital Tools for Bariatric Patients: Rich Data & Better Communication

Your patients do not tell you everything, which may hurt both treatment outcomes and your bottom line. This article explains how digital tools for bariatric patients help bridge the information gap, deliver better care, and boost your ROI.        Consider this: Despite overwhelming empirical support for the effectiveness of bariatric surgery, patients continue to underutilize it. […]

How Patient Engagement Directly Results in Patient Retention

Patient engagement is one of the most effective ways to boost patient retention for any clinical practice. According to Emergen Research, the patient engagement solutions market will be worth $41.2 billion by 2027. That’s no mistake: healthcare providers and systems are increasingly seeing the value of patient engagement for improving health outcomes and increasing their […]

5 Advantages of Early Patient Engagement in Surgery

Early patient engagement in surgery between a bariatric surgeon and her new patient.

Early patient engagement in surgery resulting in tailored care plans comes with a wide range of benefits to both your patients and your practice. By proactively reaching out to patients early, you build a stronger relationship with them, which in turn strengthens their trust in your medical practice. In today’s health care landscape, many practices […]

Improving Oncology Surgery Patient Care Through Patient Enablement

oncology patient enablement

Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death globally, with nearly 10 million deaths worldwide in 2020 alone. In a medical specialty with such a high risk of mortality and morbidity, patient enablement can be a key factor in improving care for cancer surgery patients. Studies indicate that patient enablement plays a critical role […]

5 Ways to Retain Surgery Patients by Building Trust

A doctor actively listens to her patient, one of the best strategies to help retain surgery patients

Numerous studies have shown that there is a close relationship between patient trust and strong surgical outcomes. But only 78% of patients trust their doctor. In fact, a full 25% of patients say that their healthcare provider spent too little time with them, and 10% felt that they were not treated with respect or communicated […]

How to Efficiently Guide Patients Along Their Bariatric Journey

A doctor being sure to efficiently guide patients along their bariatric journey

What you do to guide patients along their bariatric journey can make all the difference in the outcome. Your patient’s bariatric journey is life-changing. They look different, feel different, and are often treated differently than they were pre-surgery. This can have a profound psychological impact in addition to the physical outcomes. But not every patient […]

Empower and Engage Your Patients for Better Surgical Outcomes

A physician and a team of healthcare workers discuss improving surgical outcomes in their facility.

Leveraging various patient enablement strategies to improve surgical outcomes in your practice is important for many reasons.  Each year, U.S. patients undergo around 20 million invasive surgeries. While most turn out fine, complications routinely occur.  In fact, certain post-op conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are more common in the U.S. than […]

5 Ways Patient Engagement Technology Is Changing Healthcare

male patient uses patient engagement technology to have a virtual consultation with his physician

The stats are in, and they are unequivocal: Patient engagement technology is revolutionizing healthcare. In this article, we explore five ways digitalization is transforming the industry, possibly for good.  Consider this: 77% of U.S. patients report they were completely or very satisfied with a virtual visit or consultation. Over half of consumers are willing to […]

4 Effective Ways to Educate Surgery Patients

Doctor Educates Surgery Patient

Healthcare is rapidly evolving toward patient-centricity, putting patients more in control of their own decision-making than ever before. With cutting-edge technology and growing out-of-pocket insurance costs, the digital era has encouraged patients to research more into their medical choices.  Likewise, the digital revolution provides more opportunities for medical practices to educate surgery patients better.  There […]