How to Develop an Effective Patient Tracking System

Having a patient tracking system in place helps you ensure that every patient receives the care they need. With it, you can reduce the risk of delivering substandard care, losing valuable revenue opportunities, or incurring unnecessary expenses.  Traditional paper or dry-erase board-based patient tracking systems can no longer keep up with the growing needs and […]

A Quick Guide to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Bariatric Surgery

An example of patient-reported outcome measures in surgery

An estimated 38% of health care organizations currently use Patient-Reported Outcome Measures “PROMs” and 17% more plan to use them within the next three years. While bariatric surgery PROMs haven’t yet become mainstream, evolving technology is changing that. Patient-reported outcome measures in bariatric surgery centers would provide more long-term follow-up data and ensure you have […]

5 Ways Patient Engagement Technology Is Changing Healthcare

male patient uses patient engagement technology to have a virtual consultation with his physician

The stats are in, and they are unequivocal: Patient engagement technology is revolutionizing healthcare. In this article, we explore five ways digitalization is transforming the industry, possibly for good.  Consider this: 77% of U.S. patients report they were completely or very satisfied with a virtual visit or consultation. Over half of consumers are willing to […]

6 Reasons Every Hospital Should Implement a Cloud-based System in 2022

A doctor uses his hospital’s cloud-based system

Cloud-based systems are vital in boosting growth and efficiency across multiple medical specialties. As the digital market grows, technology becomes more advanced, and patients are more engaged, it becomes more critical for hospitals to have efficient systems that allow for optimal patient care without undue IT burden.  This is especially true in the bariatric market, […]