2013: The Year for Patient Experience?

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Will 2013 be the year to elevate the patient experience? With the increased focus on patient satisfaction scores and higher engagement, we think so.

Here are some more examples of hospitals who are experimenting and trying to wow their patients:

  1. A Chicago Sun-Times affiliate reports that St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart, Indiana employed six nurse navigators to guide patients through their hospital stays. The program has cut readmission rates by 13 percent, says the CEO.
  2. The News & Observer reports that at the University of North Carolina hospitals, moving to a multi-restaurant concept for food services took their patients’ satisfaction with food from 11 percent to 99 percent! Meanwhile, competitor Rex Healthcare is serving afternoon tea, complete with scones and chocolate-dipped strawberries.
  3. Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center in Kennett, Mo. established a "Sacred Moments" program in 2012 that has raised their HCAHPS scores by 25 percent, says Healthcare Finance News. The program tries to address patient fears and expectations within the first 15 minutes of their visit.

The various methods and strategies shown by these three systems shows that improvements in patient experience can be achieved in many ways. Still, most hospitals have yet to tap the potential for eHealth technology to shape continuous engagement, relationship management, and the cost and outcomes advantages that come from adding online tools to the equation. If you’re tackling patient experience challenges or want to take the next competitive step to develop your "e-patient" strategy, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us for a patient experience assessment.

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