Addressing Public Reporting and Readmissions with Patient Engagement

If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know what it’s like when everyone knows everybody else’s business.

This week featured an article about how hospitals and providers are going to be governed by "small town rules." With increasing public reporting and online reviews mixed with social media, it is hard to stay anonymous anymore.

Specifically for hospitals, they are learning their responsibilty to the patient doesn’t stop when they exit the front doors. For example, HealthLeaders Media featured a new program at Fairfield Hospital in Ohio that identifies patients who are a high risk for readmission and assigns them a care transition coach who helps them at home.

From the article: "The coaches see the patients in the hospital, visit them at home a few days later, and follow up by phone at least three times over the next 30 days."

This is a lot of labor expense for improved outcomes. The Patient Guidance System presents this same information to the patient in an easy-to-understand format through an interactive online application. This education can be supplemented by coach visits and phone calls, but the patient can also digest the information at their own pace and refer back to it when they have questions any time day or night. You can request a demo here.

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