Empowering Patients for Shared Decision Making

A blog post in The New York Times last month found that patients are still "Afraid to Speak Up at the Doctor’s Office."

Doctors think they are performing shared decision making with their patients, but patients do not yet feel that they are true partners in their care.

Sometimes at the doctor’s office patients are overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to consume in such a short amount of time. The environment is also often not the most comfortable for discussion and the pace seems rushed.

Once the patient gets home, hours later, is when appropriate questions come to mind, but the physician is not as easily accessible. A study last year found that patients want online communication with doctors and some are willing to switch practices to get it.

The Wellbe.me Patient Guidance System (PGS) provides patients involvement and shared decision making in their treatment. PGS helps patients make more informed choices, and that goes further than just asking questions of a doctor. It includes decision support, education, evaluation, and analysis in addition to communication.

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