Engaged Patients Need Engaged Employees

Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH, writes on The Doctor Weighs In blog that when you’re solving for patient engagement you also have to solve for clinician engagement too.

Makes sense, as a main part of patient engagement is the conversations between patients and their providers. Dr. Kernisan argues: "if patient engagement is a priority, let’s design solutions that work for patient AND help clinicians become the partners patients need and want us to be."

The Cleveland Clinic is taking a leading role in engaging their own employees. A feature story in the Gallup Business Journal showcases the "Cleveland Clinic Experience," an initiative that tied engagement to a broader culture shift.

Cleveland Clinic started by adding the role of "caregiver" to every employee’s name badge. This new point of reference helped the entire staff focus on helping the patient. In the end, when employee engagement rose, so did their HCAHPS scores!

"Only a coordinated team can deliver a consistent experience, regardless of where this patient experience begins and ends," writes Robert Green at EHR Intelligence. It’s true that every employee touches the patient, from the person answering the initial phone call to the person who has to clean up after the last patient leaves, they all have an effect on the patients’ experience.

If you are on the path to improving the epatient experience, don’t forget to use similar strategies to engage your clinicians and employees, too. Also, be sure any digital assets live up to the consistent experience you wish to offer. Contact us today for an assessment of the experience you present to your patients.

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