EVENT: Katie Boyd McGlenn, Director of Innovation Research, to Present at WI Healthy Aging Summit

healthyagingKatie Boyd McGlenn, Wellbe’s Director of Innovation Research, will be presenting with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing at the 2015 Wisconsin Healthy Aging Summit on August 6th. Details on the workshop are below:

Can Technology Help Caregivers of Older Adults Anticipate Needs?

“Informal, unpaid caregivers — spouses, adult children, friends, and neighbors — provide the majority of care for older adults, but are often unprepared to do so. Guidance and information can reduce caregiver stress and lead to better outcomes for older adults, but such supports can be difficult to access, especially for caregivers in rural areas. For the past year, the UW- Madison School of Nursing has been exploring how technology can help guide caregivers through older adults’ complex, late-life transitions. In this workshop, we will share our findings and ask for feedback on concepts for an online tool for caregivers of older adults.”

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