Getting Patients Past Complexity & Confusion Towards Engagement

Last week Hospital & Health Networks magazine featured a lengthy article on patient/consumer engagement.

Author Ian Morrison summarized the reasons for the lack of patient engagement in healthcare with three C’s:

  1. Complexity – Healthcare is increasingly complicated with all the players involved.
  2. Confusion – Healthcare is a mix of science and art and no one really has it all figured out.
  3. Lack of Consequences – Americans have less consequences than those in other countries in taking care of their own health responsibilities.

Then he lists some clues of how to get more patients engaged:

  • KISS: keep it simple, stupid.
  • Presume engagement.
  • Learn from consumer-oriented companies.
  • Make the right thing easy.
  • Use the power of brand.

Read the full article for all the details.

We subscribe to the same line of thinking here at Our Patient Pathway for Joint Replacement keeps it simple for patients – taking them step-by-step through the treatment plan and providing the right bits of information they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Patient Guidance System replicates the familiar kind of consumer-oriented interactions found in online banking and other user-friendly websites. We make doing the right thing easy by clearing the clutter and helping patients focus on what matters. When incorporated into an Orthopedic service line, we help tame the complexity so care teams can process patients more quickly and effectively. Get a demo to see how.

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