Is Your Doctor Tech-Savvy?

A recent article from the Associated Press shows how the newest generation of doctors is embracing technology in full force, while also insisting on more work-life balance than in generations past. Digital tools on smart phones are creating more efficient ways to be productive and more flexible ways to collaborate with other providers and with patients.

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These two skills in new doctors can lead to better patient experiences. Robert Green at EHR Intelligence writes that technology can shift the outcomes of the patient experience from an essentially one-way communication from physician to patient in the clinic to an ongoing two-way dialogue that is not bounded by the clinic walls.

A good sense of work-life balance for a doctor also helps them keep healthy relationships with their patients. On the Kevin MD blog Dr. Drummond writes: "[Burned out doctors] are exhausted, cynical and their listening and compassion skills are offline. The same studies show burned out doctors make more errors, provide lower quality care and their patients are less satisfied."

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