New Reports Forecast Growth for Telehealth

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Prime time for telehealth may be here. InformationWeek reported, "The biggest driver of market growth is the worldwide efforts of governments to curb the growth of healthcare costs," and cited two recent publications:

  1. InMedica predicts remote patient monitoring will be applied to 1.8 million patients worldwide by 2017, compared to 308,000 today.
  2. Meanwhile, Berg Insight claims that 2.8 million patients worldwide used home-based remote monitoring devices in 2012 and predicted the volume would grow to 9.4 million connections worldwide by 2017.

Another insight in the InformationWeek article is that the majority of the patients being monitored remotely are recent discharges from inpatient hospitals, not outpatient services, usually due to a chronic condition.

An editorial in Becker’s Hospital Review claims these advances in telehealth can be made because of three points of clarity around the subject:

  • Greater clarity in telehealth versus telemedicine (often confused!)
  • Greater clarity in usability, possibilities for patient engagement.
  • Greater clarity in flexibility for healthcare services.

We are excited to see more people able to grasp the concept of telehealth, and have more hospital leadership putting it at the top of their priority list.

The Patient Guidance System (PGS) was designed from the start to be a versatile telehealth solution for a broad range of clinical and population health programs. Learn more about our telehealth solutions.

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