Orthopedic & Sports Institute Transforms Joint Replacement Experience for Wisconsin Residents

osifvHaving knee or hip replacement surgery used to mean a multiple-day stay in the hospital. Now, however, Curt Kubiak, CEO of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley (OSI) is working to redefine the joint replacement patient experience by making it more accessible and affordable for patients.

“People have been suffering because they haven’t been able to afford joint replacement surgery in the past,” Kubiak says. “We’re trying to approach this market in a way that allows more people to have access to high quality orthopedic care.”

Since 2009, OSI has performed more than 1,400 outpatient joint replacements at their ambulatory surgical center, where patients can return home on the same day of surgery. OSI places personalized care at the forefront, providing patients with a concierge service that can be difficult to deliver at hospitals. Kim Jablonski, Joint Program Director at OSI, performs a one-on-one orientation with each patient, allowing her to establish a personal connection with every person who walks in the front door.

Recently Kubiak and the OSI team elevated their personalized approach to orthopedic treatment by adding Wellbe, an online program that guides patients and families through the preparation and recovery from surgery.

“With Wellbe, patients get the information they need when it is important to them, allowing us to track their progress and provide encouragement when needed. By relaying information in a more accessible way, we’ve successfully reduced patient anxiety,” says Jablonski. “Now our pre-op orientations are more collaborative and efficient; patients have reviewed the information ahead of time so they are more active participants in the discussion.”

Additionally, as part of their effort to improve the patient experience, OSI offers a bundled price for joint replacement surgeries, so patients know their responsibility up front and don’t get any surprise bills.

“We’re operating within a price-limited environment, meaning we’re responsible for managing patients within that budget. In addition to controlled facility and administrative costs, Wellbe helps us save time in data capture and patient education, improving efficiency and the overall patient experience, which allows us to drive down costs and pass along those savings to patients,” says Kubiak.

Wellbe is provided at no extra cost for OSI patients, and is woven into each patient’s experience across his or her journey of care. This allows the care team to go above and beyond by providing their service with an added personal touch, leading to more engaged and satisfied patients.

About OSI (http://www.osifv.com)
The Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley (OSI) was created by its independent physician-owners to offer a full spectrum of patient services under one roof. Their unique care model encompasses sports medicine, total joint replacement, spine surgery, and work-related rehabilitation. OSI’s flagship facility in Appleton includes a surgery center, MRI, physical therapy, pain management, orthotics, and a skilled nursing facility. OSI’s commitment to providing industry-leading results has spawned innovations in Direct Contracting, bundled pricing, Work Comp rehabilitation, and recovery facility design.

About Wellbe (//wellbe.me)
Wellbe enables high-performing health systems throughout the U.S. to transform care delivery by improving patients’ experiences, satisfaction, and health outcomes while reducing costs. Wellbe provides a cloud-based platform facilitates connected care between patients and healthcare providers across an episode such as a joint replacement surgery, empowering patients to participate as active partners in their treatment, and giving providers the ability to monitor large numbers of patients more effectively.