Patient Experience From Hospital to Home

Our blog last month where we compared hospitals to hotels stirred up quite a few comments in the social media community.

A week later, a Hospital & Health Networks staff writer asked the same question: "Will Hospitals One Day Resemble Hotels?" The article featured the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, who has a former Ritz-Carlton employee at the helm.

Often it’s the transition from hospital to home that is the most troublesome for patients. Hotels make it almost seamless, letting you drop your keys at the front desk, helping to arrange travel to the airport if you need it, and charging the credit card on file. The best hotels follow up with a thank you and feedback survey for your stay.

Hospitals can have a great impact on their patients, even when they have gone home. Modern Healthcare recently wrote on study authors who found that hospital-initiated transitional care interventions seemed to result in fewer future hospitalized days.

Are you giving your patients all they need to be successful when they walk out the door? Prescription assitance, medication education, and follow-up check in calls can all be important towards improving 30- to 60-day outcomes and beyond.

The Patient Guidance System can provide education, checklists and feedback surveys for your patients post-discharge. This way, the relationship doesn’t end at your front door, and just like a great hotel, patients will want to choose you the next time they are in need of service.

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