Patient Experience: The Only Thing That Matters?

A new HealthLeaders media intelligence report finds less than half of health systems have made investments to deliver better patient experience:

"84 percent of healthcare leaders surveyed rank patient experience among their top three management priorities. However, 58 percent say they have not made specific patient-experience investments throughout their hospitals and health systems."

Meanwhile, an editorial at Business 2 Community shows that those hospitals who are focused on the patient experience have the wrong priorities:

"Hospital executives’ top priorities for improving the patient experience are: 1) Reduce Noise, 2) Patient Rounding and 3) Discharge Process and Instructions. Patients, however, say they are least satisfied with the following areas: 1) Area around room quiet, 2) Staff explains medicines before dispensing and 3) Staff responsiveness."

An article in Fast Company writes this month that all businesses are learning a hard lesson, that in today’s world customer experience is the only thing that matters. Why would a hospital be any different?

"Customer experience correlates … highly to willingness to consider for another purchase, willingness to recommend, and reluctance to switch to a different provider. In other words, if you want that next sale, if you want good word of mouth, and if you want to keep your customers, it’s unlikely that anything else you do matters more than delivering a superior experience."

Hospitals at the forefront of this movements are looking for ways to "wow" their customers, the patients. They want to provide personalized, convenient interactions. The Patient Guidance System can collect feedback information from patients after they leave your facility, but before they get their HCAHPS survey in the mail, giving you valuable time to intervene if there is a problem. Get a free demo today.

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