Patient Satisfaction Moves to the ED

Becker’s reports this month that CMS has asked for feedback on a patient satisfaction survey for Emergency Department visits as part of the HCAHPS program.

"CMS seeks suggestions for topic areas, such as ‘communication with providers’ and ‘waiting time’ and publicly available instruments for measuring patient experiences with emergency care." Comments are due February 1st.

For some, VBP and HCAHPS have become synonymous with four-letter words and doctors continue to walk the fine line between keeping patients happy and doing what they feel is clinically right.

The AMA published an article last month on this "daily dilemma" with some advice for docs, including "9 cases when primary care doctors should just say no" and "6 reasons to refuse patient requests."

Often a patient can hear the word no and still walk away from a patient encounter satisfied. The outcome depends on whether they feel their voice was heard and if the clinician took the time to explain why a specific course of action was not ideal. When people are sick, they are at their weakest point and just want to feel like someone is listening.

Modern Healthcare published multiple hospitals’ attempts to involve more patients and families in their planning and improvement processes to try and improve scores on existing surveys. These programs place emphasis on reducing the loss of patient dignity that can accompany a visit to a hospital.

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