Patients Want to Interact Online with Docs

Medcity wrote last week on "the great healthcare chasm" after an Optum survey showed that 57 percent of seniors said that they want to go online to interact with care providers and manage their health, while only 40 percent of physicians have the capabilities to do so.

Some other nuggets from the Optum survey:

  • Half of health-care outcomes are attributable to patient actions.
  • Strong, two-way patient-physician communication leads to better medicine, bolsters patients’ well-being, reduces disparities, and promotes value.
  • Health IT can be a key enabler of patient engagement.

More and more patients are shaping new expectations of their providers, wanting to become more involved as partners in their care. While providers are preoccupied with EHR and ICD-10 implementations these "healthcare consumers" are shifting gears and raising the bar on access, convenience and levels of interaction.

Happy EMR Doctor writes about the related big gaping hole in many EMR systems today: secure messaging.

"This still represents a huge problem that also represents a great opportunity for gains in technology that will enhance the doctor-patient relationship and move digital healthcare forward into the future."

If doctors continue to push back on accessing test results directly, patients need another way to interact with their doctors online to get the information they need.

The Patient Guidance System allows patients to correspond with their doctor and other members of their care team in a secure and easy-to-use online environment. Learn more.

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