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Effective January 1st 2019, organizations with advanced total hip and total knee replacement certification need to join a national registry. Beginning July 1st 2019, organizations will need to join the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR); if currently under contract with another registry, organizations must transition to AJRR by January 1st 2020. 

* We understand there is an approval process, even if you're getting something for free. However, due to the amount of interest expected in this offer, reserve your software today and get your spot "in line" for implementation. There is no obligation. Scroll down if you can apply right away. Offer available to orthopedic and spine programs. New customers only. No purchase necessary to qualify. Subject to execution of Business Associate and Wellbe Software as a Service Agreements.
No limit to the amount of PROs collected
With automatic patient touch points, you can increase your collection rates and minimize your time chasing responses.
PROs Collection Made Easy
Thousands of response rates collected. With a completion rate of greater than 80 percent.
Choose your PRO instrument
Deploy whichever instrument you use such as Oswestry, ASES or HOOS/KOOS JR.
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4 Reasons Why We Are Doing This
Patients need to know how effective their care is.
Eight out of 10 programs need outcome measures but find it challenging to get the budget to make it happen.
We believe outcomes measures are the key to high-value care and should be universally available.
We’ve taken our 7 years of work to build one of the best outcome systems and want to make it available to everybody.
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"Wellbe has allowed us to collect patient-reported outcome measures electronically at specified times before and after total joint replacement. We are now using this to monitor our total joint patients going forward to watch for any complications or deterioration of their joints. With a surgical history of over 15,000 patients, it is difficult to monitor them all on a regular basis. This system will allow me to track patients annually with electronic updates on their experience."
Dr. David Fisher, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIndy
How much IT involvement is needed from my organization?
None. The Wellbe team takes care of all setup.
Are there any hidden fees?
No. Other than a one-time implementation fee of $3,300 there are no additional fees. Wellbe will carry the ongoing cost of making this cloud-based program available to you. Those who apply before December 31, 2018 will have the implementation fee waved.
What if I change my mind?
If you decide you don't want free software to help collect PROs to make your organization more efficient and your patients' experience better, you can let us know and we will discontinue the service. A cancellation is also free of charge.
How do I get access to my data?
You will be provided with a tracker for access to your data.
How long will it take to get implemented?
Not long at all. We have been implementing this for more than seven years and can get you up and running quickly. If your application is received and accepted, you will be notified of your anticipated implementation date.
How can I get this data?
The data collected can be downloaded into a .csv file. There is no limit to the frequency in which you can download the data.
What about contracts?
Our offer is also subject to execution of Business Associate and Wellbe Software as a Service Agreements.
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