Strategies for Closing Clinician-Patient Communication Gaps

Physician Patient Communication

I’ve written before about how care-centered communications are a key to success with patient experience. More studies and insights from those in the field reinforce that
patients want an active role in decision making
and that providers should play the role of a care partner, not a dictator. Gaps in communication can lead to misaligned expectations and inadequate engagement causing patient progress to falter and all kinds of expensive variance to metrics and outcomes.

Next week we’re hosting a free webinar on “5 Clinician-Patient Communication Gaps Compromising Your Hospital’s Outcomes, Quality/Safety and Patient Experiences” with Stephen Wilkins, MPH.

Wilkins is a thought leader, researcher, entrepreneur and blogger at Mind the Gap whose areas of expertise include patient engagement and physician-patient communications. He has over 20+ years experience as a hospital marketing executive, consumer health behavior and patient-centered communications expertise. For a sneak peek at his insights, check out one of his recent blogs: “Ten Reasons Why Hospitals, Health Plans And Medical Groups Should Invest In Developing Their Physicians’ Patient-Centered Communication Skills.”

Wilkins will share with attendees a definition of patient-centered communications, provide practical examples of patient-centered communication skills in a hospital setting, contrast a patient-centered style of communications with the more traditional physician-directed or paternalistic communication style and share evidence demonstrating the benefits of clinician adoption of a patient-centered communication style and skills.

Wilkins will identify the top 5 clinician-patient communication gaps found in most hospitals, including examples along with how these clinician-patient communication gaps impact the patients, clinicians and the organization. The webinar will also provide strategies for closing the identified clinician-patient communication gaps. Register for your free spot today!

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