The Trifecta for TeleHealth

FierceHealthIT ran an article last week that brought together a few articles on telehealth:

  1. Growing consumer demand is among the telehealth trends outlined in a Becker’s Hospital Review article.
  2. Research published recently in Psychiatric Services outlines the remote care being offered to VA patients.
  3. A London study just published at BMJ linked telehealth with lower hospital admissions, reports the Clinical Advisor.

The trifecta of increased patient demand, expanded government support, and improved outcomes (fewer readmissions) is sure to propel telehealth forward within the industry.

Telemedicine has proven useful to deliver remote and specialized medical services. A newer generation of Telehealth programs based on low-cost internet and mobile technologies is expanding reach to anyone with a computer or a smart phone and changing the user experience, creating the opportunity for broader range of services that engage patients in much more compelling and productive ways.

The Patient Guidance System (PGS) was designed from the start to be a versatile telehealth solution for a broad range of clinical and population health programs. It contains a full assortment of modular tools – including live video conferencing and a private online patient community – to enable providers to tailor and deliver web-based care services to desktop and mobile devices. Request a demo.

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