Time to Improve Health Literacy

An article in The Atlantic earlier this month proclaimed: "Not enough Americans take it upon themselves to learn about the healthcare system. We should be making it easier for them to do so."

The article goes on to say that each American should have a wellness plan and be health literate enough to be able to follow through on it. Then they need to be engaged and motivated through education they can understand.

Researchers Doak et al wrote in 1996 that one out of five American adults reads at the 5th grade level or below, and the average American reads at the 8th to 9th grade level, yet most health care materials are written above the 10th grade level.

Breaking information down into small readable bites makes it easier to learn, just like making flashcards can help a student study for a test. Teachers have long understood that making information interactive has an even greater impact on memory and understanding.

The Wellbe.me Patient Guidance System (PGS) takes the process of preparing for surgery and breaks it down into small, digestible chunks of activity and education right when the patient needs it. This way the patient does not get overwhelmed or confused, but can follow simple steps and checklists to improve the ultimate outcome of their surgery and their overall wellness. Learn more about how Wellbe.me helps patients.

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