Use of Video for Surgery Patient Preparation

Patients who watch an online instructional video are more likely to keep their appointments and arrive prepared for a scheduled colonoscopy than those who do not, according to a recent study by gastroenterologists at the University of Chicago Medicine.

"The 30-minute web-based interactive program walks the viewer though the entire process. It explains how colonoscopy is performed, why preparation is necessary, and how to weigh the risks and benefits. Viewers can pause the video, ask questions or review the information to make sure they understand it."

Patients are increasingly demanding more interaction and education on their conditions to make better-educated decisions. By providing them with online self-service information in the format they desire, they are more likely to have positive outcomes and higher satisfaction rates.

These are the motivating factors behind the Patient Guidance System (PGS). The PGS can shape a new, high-engagement consumer experience for patients and their families.

Benefits for the providers: The better prepared a patient is when they show up for surgery, the fewer delays and complications nurses have to deal with. When nurses are not spending time taking questions or explaining things, they are far more productive with their time and more patients can be processed for surgery. Learn more about the benefits of Patient Guidance Systems.

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