Value-Based Purchasing Puts Patient Experience in Spotlight

Last Monday, October 1st, marked the start of a new era in hospital reimbursements with the new pay-for-performance incentive program going into effect.

An article in Modern Healthcare focused on the struggles of hospitals with the new readmission rates penalties: "Penalties for higher-than-average readmissions could be the last straw for hospitals struggling to go it alone."

Becker’s walks through many of the other patient safety and quality factors that will have an effect in the new payment/penalty structure:

  • Adverse events
  • Patient discharge protocols
  • Surgical safety and checklists

Patients have an active role to play in their safety. The SAFE CARE and Speak Up programs from the Joint Commission provide patients and their families with useful guidance that can be included in a wide variety of patient preparedness programs.

HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores will also begin to affect hospital payments, and an editor at FierceHealthcare calls patient experience "the wild card in reimbursements." Mismatched expectations and poor patient preparation can create adverse effects after leaving the hospital when patients aren’t properly engaged in their aftercare.

An online guidance system for patients can help them learn patient safety habits and follow their discharge protocols to prevent readmissions in the process. Its easy to use web interface and electronic communication options are real patient satisfiers too. Get a free demo of a Patient Guidance system.

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