Wellbe Announces Webinar on 3 Strategies for Maximizing Service Line Efficiency, Quality and Profitability

OrthoServiceLine.com, a free resource to the orthopedic community sponsored by Wellbe, is hosting a complimentary webinar with Miki Patterson, PHD ONP, Senior Director of Orthopedics in Intelligent CareDesign at Intralign, titled “3 Strategies for Maximizing Service Line Efficiency, Quality and Profitability.”

Maximizing service line efficiency, quality and profitability is a hot topic, particularly with rising patient care demands, changing reimbursement models, and estimated physician shortfalls. This webinar takes a look at three solutions beginning in the operating room and expanding to the entire patient care journey:

1st solution – A unique clinical and operational service model focused on the specialization of qualified, reimbursable clinical labor to optimize surgeon involvement and reduce OR costs.

2nd solution – Taking a holistic view of the service line through the patient care journey to produce a value stream map to understand the current state. Assisting staff with comparing this current state to the ideal future state, comparing national benchmarks and clinical best practices helps your staff innovate and co-create an individualized plan to get your service line to a higher level.

3rd solution – Utilizing dashboard metrics of the critical to success factors, to sustain and improve your service line.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify key operational and clinical indicators of orthopedic service line efficiency
  • Describe how Surgical First Assists can add value in the OR
  • List the steps in developing and/or evaluating or building an orthopedic service line
  • Describe how metrics/dashboards assist in sustaining change and improvement of orthopedic service line

3 Strategies for Maximizing Service Line Efficiency, Quality and Profitability
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 1-2PM EST
Cost: Complimentary
Register here: http://www.orthoserviceline.com/category/events/ 

OrthoServiceLine.com is a free resource for orthopaedic service line leaders designed to give them actionable insights and ideas to grow and streamline their programs. OrthoServiceLine.com is sponsored by Wellbe, Inc.

About the Speaker:
Miki Patterson PHD ONP, is a Senior Director of Orthopedics in Intelligent CareDesign at Intralign. Dr. Patterson is a certified orthopedic nurse practitioner and brings over 25 years of clinical experience in healthcare, consulting, direct advanced orthopedic patient care, teaching, NIH level, qualitative and quantitative research and publishing. She is a past president of the National Association of Orthopedic Nurses (NAON) and continues to be nationally recognized for leadership and advancing orthopedic care. Dr. Patterson received her B.S. in Nursing at Fitchburg State University, a Master’s Degree from Boston College, and her PhD in Nursing Research from University of Massachusetts Medical School.

About Wellbe (//wellbe.me)
Wellbe, the inventor of the cloud-based Guided CarePath®, works with health providers to engage patients as partners in their episodes of care. Our Guided CarePaths empower patients to learn and take the actions required to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. High-performing hospitals use Wellbe’s Connected Care solutions to improve the experience and efficiency of helping patients to succeed with their medical treatments and surgeries.

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