Wellbe.me Announces Free Webinar on the Patient Experience Trifecta

Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, is hosting a complimentary webinar with Anthony Cirillo, FACHE, ABC, on “The Patient Experience Trifecta: Ignite the Passion, Change the Experience, Tell Your Story.”

Word of mouth (WOM) is a healthcare provider’s most strategic marketing weapon. In its simplest form, word of mouth is nothing more than offering incredible experiences (the WOW) that people talk about. There is a lot of talk about commitment to patient experience, yet translating that to action is sporadic and typically not sustained. And when it happens it typically is in silos.

In this session, Cirillo will first make the association between word of mouth and patient experiences. Research showing the tie between top-performing hospitals and employees who are engaged in the mission will be shared along with a systemic approach to patient experience management.

As you start to realize what is at stake by getting experience management wrong, you build the case for the need for a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) to get it right. Three roles for that position will then be covered.

Once you start to change experiences, you will want to tell your story. How to tell your story and then spread it through five strategies that mainstream companies like Starbucks use to identify and deploy customer ambassadors / crusaders will be shared with both offline and online strategies.

The Patient Experience Trifecta: Ignite the Passion, Change the Experience, Tell Your Story
COST: Complimentary
The webinar recording and slides are available on demand here:

Learning Objectives:
1. Define word of mouth marketing and its tie to patient experience.
2. Learn why patient experience approaches have failed to date.
3. Consider a new approach to experience management that is systemic and holistic.
4. Define the roles and the reasons for a Chief Experience Officer.
5. Use and apply “crusader” marketer characteristics to tell your story and spread your story.

About the Presenter (http://www.anthonycirillo.com/)
anthonycirilloAnthony Cirillo, FACHE, ABC, is an international consultant and thought leader that helps leaders connect the dots that spark healthcare movements. President of Fast Forward Consulting, which specializes in patient experience management and strategic marketing, he is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and an Accredited Business Communicator of the International Association of Business Communicators.

His article, The Chief Experience Officer was one impetus behind the Cleveland Clinic’s initiative to start an office of patient experience. He works with hospitals and organizations across the aging continuum helping them to authentically create exceptional experiences for their staff and patients and then crafting the marketing strategy that helps them tell their story.

About Wellbe.me (//wellbe.me)
Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, works with health providers to engage patients as partners in their treatments. We make it simple and convenient for patients to follow their ‘doctor’s orders’ and speed their way to good health. Our Guided Treatment solutions empower patients – with the assistance of their caregivers and care teams – to learn and take the actions required to achieve better outcomes at lower costs.