What’s a Patient Guidance System (PGS)?

Have you ever been scheduled for a surgery and been handed a thick stack of instructions you were supposed to follow?

Then after surgery what do you get? Another huge stack of paper that is supposed to "guide" you through the recovery process.

Patients deserve better… and they are demanding it. Consumers are bringing higher expectations for healthcare services that they’ve become used to in other sectors, for example the ease of online banking or the five-star service that comes from the hospitality industry.

It is with patients in mind that we created the Wellbe.me Patient Guidance System (PGS). This online self-service program guides a patient through the surgery process by delivering bite-size information only when the patient needs it. Education, checklists and even video can be incorporated to help the patient understand the process and be better prepared.

Better prepared patients often turn out to be more satisfied patients at the end, with better outcomes. And if they are unsatisfied, the PGS system can let their doctor know about it. Interactive feedback surveys provide a way for patients to give the hospital staff recommendations for improvement. This way the department gets valuable insight into their programs and patients have a chance to get their voices heard.

The Wellbe.me PGS is a system built for patients by patients, and since everyone is a patient, it’s built for clincians too! We’ll be sharing news and information here that affects everyone involved in the patient guidance process, so be sure you subscribe for new updates.

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