Where is Innovation in Healthcare? Everywhere.


With every passing week it seems a new “healthcare innovation” conference is happening somewhere across the country. Just in the past 30 days we have seen buzz from:

Over the next week, we’ll be sure to hear interesting tidbits from Forbes Healthcare Summit 2013 and Cleveland Clinic’s 2013 Medical Innovation Summit. Then later on this month, there are more:

This certainly illustrates that innovation is happening everywhere in healthcare today. At poster sessions of every healthcare conference you can find small teams using innovation and process improvement to make great changes to move their organizations forward. Healthcare organizations are hiring Cheif Innovation Officers and setting up their own “innovation centers” to stimulate change.

However, the sheer number of conferences dedicated to the subject also poses a thought… are healthcare leaders soon going to be suffering from “innovation fatigue”? (or are they already?) There’s no shortage of good ideas, but with all the healthcare reform changes needed bandwidth is limited. To combat this, experts advise to make innovation a part of the hospital culture and innovate daily.

Remembering to keep the patient at the center of all decisions can go a long way as well. All conferences had a single persona to rally behind, the “e-patient,” whether the e- stood for electronic, empowered, or engaged. Futurists provided a view into how healthcare is starting to address these individuals now, and how the audience will only grow with time.

Our next free webinar, “The Empowered Patient of the 21st Century – How Technology Enables Good Medical Practice,” is exploring the e-patient and how they are interacting with the healthcare community. Nancy B. Finn, a health care journalist and author of “e-Patients Live Longer, the Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology,” will present a profile of empowered e-patients, their expectations and challenges when confronted with medical issues and have to deal with the medical establishment, and the electronic tools that they use to communicate and collaborate with their health care providers.

Today’s e-patient is used to constant communication delivered in sound bites from a variety of media. They use email to communicate with their colleagues and business associates, access various online networks and databases in order to connect with others, use a variety of health apps on their smartphones, and find needed information on the web. They are concerned with their health, but are typically confused and overwhelmed with the complexity of health care. The presentation will review the tools that e-patients and savvy providers use to provide the patient-centered care that we are all trying to achieve including: digital health records, email, patient portals, health information exchange, smartphones, online resources and telemedicine technology. Register now!

Share in the comments below: What are you doing to innovate at your healthcare organization?


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