Growth and Concerns for Ortho In 2012

Healthpoint Capital wrote about a recent Government Accountability Office report on implantable medical devices that had some great info on the growth in orthopedics:

"Orthopedic admission rates increased steadily over the time period studied, with the GAO noting that admissions were ‘substantially higher’ in 2009 compared with 2003.

Knee replacement was the most common orthopedic procedure studied, and over the study period, the admission rate increased from 59 to 87 per 10,000 beneficiaries, representing an average annual increase of 6.7%."

However, orthopedic surgeons still have some big concerns in 2012, including declining reimbursements, poor economy and quality ratings and unrealistic patient expectations.

Setting patient expectations early and repeating them often can help with patient satisfaction post-surgery. Our online Guided Treatment plans for Hip and Knee Total Joint Replacements provide the required blend of patient education, functional measures, activity checklists and other surveys required to empower patients through their procedures and track their experiences and outcomes.

Download our free white paper to read more about opportunities to improve the Ortho patient experience.

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