Leadership Priorities and Learnings at AONE


We just returned from the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Annual Meeting in Denver.

Sessions tackled multiple topics surrounding leadership priorities: One of them – integrating technology with people and processes. "Beyond Documentation: Harnessing the EHR to Transform Nursing Care and Improve Outcomes" featured speakers from Kaiser Permanente and demonstrated a very systematic way to test and integrate technology into bedside care. A powerful demonstration of the use of EHR data to optimize workflow, drive decision-making and use rules-based alerts to drive actions. Nurses are increasingly important co-designers in transforming the future of healthcare delivery.

At our exhibit booth we got great feedback from a wide variety of nursing executives and managers and received important validation that a Patient Guidance System can be a strong tool to improve patient engagement in acute care as well as improve care team effectiveness, process efficiency, and patient experience.

Many leaders express concern with the increased pressure in the healthcare industry to service more patients at lower costs with the same or better levels of quality. Patient engagement with technology is key to leveraging resources to keep costs in check while ensuring quality and satisfaction scores.

Butler Health System just announced the launch of their new patient experience for total joint replacement using the Wellbe.me TotalCare program, becoming the first hospital in the Pittsburgh area to use a new approach that blends online technology with in-clinic support. Read more in their press release.

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