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What is a Connected CarePath?

Much like a GPS helps you navigate through city streets, Wellbe’s Connected CarePaths engage patients with step-by-step navigation through each stage of the episode of care. Plans begin in the physician’s office, work through all the pre-admission requirements, continue through discharge and recovery.

Patients get timely instructions (can include graphics or videos), decision-support tools, preparation checklists and feedback surveys – all in one convenient online location. They get prompts and email reminders as they are needed. Patients can also include their personal caregivers to participate and assist them.

How do patients experience a Connected CarePath?

It’s simple. Patients just use a browser to log in – either on their PCs, tablets or other mobile devices. Everything they need to learn and do for their procedure is presented in one convenient online location and options are available to involve their personal caregivers. At each stage of the treatment they get the guidance, instructions, decision support and feedback they need to make progress. All of the steps are presented in simple checklists – with email reminders – that keep them on track.  Wellbe’s Connected CarePaths bring together exactly what the patient and provider need to ensure a productive experience with great outcomes.

How does the Wellbe solution help hospitals?

Hospitals are undergoing a transformative shift in their care models. Facing new cost pressures from reduced reimbursements and increased expectations from savvy patients that want more convenient access to their healthcare information, they need affordable new solutions to reduce the cost of episodic care and improve the patient experience. Providers use Wellbe’s Integrated Care Delivery platform to transform their delivery models. By enabling their patients with Connected CarePaths they can re-shape, improve, monitor, and measure the patient experience through the entire cycle of care.

Why should hospitals give patients online access to a Connected CarePath?

Hospitals distinguish themselves by offering online options that consumers are coming to expect from their health providers. Like online banking and online shopping, patients increasingly want convenient access to health management tools that can inform and enable them to achieve their health goals. With Wellbe’s system, hospitals can now create online treatment support for their patients.

What do you mean by CarePath Automation?

Care teams rely on CarePath Automation to handle patient education, decision support, communications, and data collection. By providing these capabilities online in a self-service model, teams can improve nurse and staff productivity, streamline and speed up procedures, and reduce or eliminate the cost of many paper-based processes. Teams and their surgeons also get up-to-date reports on functional outcomes data (pre- and post-surgery), patient satisfaction scores, and dozens of other data inputs that they can use for quality reporting and performance improvements.

What kind of data can I collect with Wellbe?

Our forms engine is completely customizable so we can collect any kind of patient-reported data you want! Our current customers collect data on medications, home assessments, patient preparedness and satisfaction, discharge destination and more. We can also easily collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs) using any standardized measurement tool, some examples include: PROMIS, SF-12, SF-36, HOOS/KOOS, Oxford, Womac, etc.

Why do hospitals choose Wellbe over alternative solutions?

Hospitals turn to Wellbe because our solution is flexible, affordable, and produces meaningful results. A single investment can support a broad range of episodes of care across multiple departments. The system is cloud-based so there is no impact on IT resources. And it drives improvements in key performance metrics like length of stay, patient satisfaction, program quality and episode cost.

How long does it take to implement the Wellbe solution?

Wellbe’s solutions are web-based, which means we don’t need to involve your IT department in the process. Clients can start enrolling patients in their Connected CarePath after a 90-day implementation.


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  • Wellbe's Guided CarePath is an exciting development in producing a seamless experience for the patient, while also improving medical providers' ability to reduce expensive delays, complications and lengths of stay. By channeling care events into a coordinated sequence, both patients and providers are much more satisfied as partners in the process.

    Dr. Scott Springman
    Anesthesiologist University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
  • Wellbe has allowed us to collect patient-reported outcome measures electronically at specified times before and after total joint replacement. We are now using this to monitor our total joint patients going forward to watch for any complications or deterioration of their joints. With a surgical history of over 15,000 patients, it is difficult to monitor them all on a regular basis. This system will allow me to track patients annually with electronic updates on their experience.

    Dr. David Fisher
    Orthopedic Surgeon OrthoIndy
  • As a Joint Commission certified hip and knee replacement center, we are champions of patient self-management, as well as continuous performance measurement and improvement. With this new tool we can strengthen our connection with our patients beyond the hospital walls to help them on their journeys, while also collecting feedback to continually improve our processes.

    Director of Neurosurgery and Orthopedics, Methodist Dallas Medical Center
  • I don't know how much you could improve such a great program, it totally prepares you for the good, bad and ugly. Thank you so much for a great program.

    Patricia F
    Total Joint Replacement Patient
  • The program and website is excellent. My care in all aspects was excellent.

    Wilda S
    Total Joint Replacement Patient
  • I especially loved the online tool program. It really answered a lot of questions I had, and made me aware of important things. Everything seemed to run smooth and prepared me for what was to happen. I will definitely be back when my right knee needs done.

    Marilyn P
    Total Joint Replacement Patient
  • The experience was very comprehensive education. I was told what would happen upon admission, before and after surgery and what to expect when I went home. Wellbe gives you the confidence that you know what will happen every step of the way and you won't worry about the unknowns. By following through on the timely info that is sent to you, you will go through much less stress knowing what happens next and also know the staff is genuinely concerned about your well-being and full recovery.

    Jerry S
    Total Joint Replacement Patient
  • The material was well organized so that it was timely in terms of my stage in the process before and after the operation. It gave me time to think of the questions I had for my doctor, helped me prepare what I needed to have at home and for the hospital, gave me more confidence that I was as prepared as possible, and gave me a much better idea of what to expect.

    Judy B
    Total Joint Replacement Patient
  • The program has provided a more innovative delivery for our education to patients. The online guidance system allows for better interaction and a quicker response to any questions the patient may have. The total joint population continues to grow and the ability to provide education in a way that is meaningful to them is an important part of keeping costs down, improving patient satisfaction and growing our patient volumes.

    Nancy Klinkhammer, PT
    Community Educator Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center
  • The online guided program for total joints is a wonderful adjunct to our face-to face-teaching. It reinforces the pathway in small doses that do not overwhelm the patient. I'm pleased with the ability to collect real-time data that enables rapid program modification and boosts patient satisfaction. We are ahead of the curve in providing functional outcomes data with minimal staff effort.

    Sandra Nettrour, PA-C
    Orthopaedic Service Line Coordinator Butler Memorial Hospital