Wellbe Connected Care

Wellbe collaborates with hospitals and healthcare systems across the U.S. to enable patient participation and power integrated care delivery.

The flexibility of our Connected Care platform allows us to shape a simple solution to address your unique challenges.

The Wellbe Connected Care solution helps improve meaningful quality measures with:


Guided Patient Journeys for Better Engagement

Easy-to-follow Connected CarePaths are designed around your facility's existing clinical pathways to help your patients on their journeys to better health.

Coordinated Care with Connected Teams

Each member of the care team can leverage CarePath Automation to help them complete their "to-do's" while ensuring collaboration on patient progress.

Real-Time Insights from Patient Generated Data

On-demand reports give administrators the quick data they need to report on program performance.

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Elevate the Patient Experience with Connected CarePaths

User Friendly and Patient-Centric App

Elegant, mobile-friendly design is easy to use and accessible on any device 24/7

Easy-to-Follow Steps

The Connected CarePath is a carefully orchestrated set of actionable items and checkpoints designed to improve success rates

Focused on Mitigating Risks

Patients receive reminders to keep them on track, and the care team is alerted if a patient falls behind


Coordinate Care with CarePath Automation


Team Coordination Tools

The entire care team can work together seamlessly to move patients across the episode

Case Prioritization Logic

Easy-to-use dashboards let your care team members track every patient and prioritize those that need attention now

Alerts for Immediate Action

Patient responses signaling risk are communicated in real time back to care providers for intervention

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Gain Powerful Insights from Patient-Generated Data

Real-Time Feedback Loops

Enable rapid improvement efforts with actionable feedback from patients across your episodes of care

Patient Reported Outcomes Collection

Easily track functional outcomes data on patients using any measurement tool

Executive Performance Reporting

We offer fast and flexible data tools to track and manage your program

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