Our Founding Story Began with Humble Observations on Healthcare

Wellbe’s foundation is rooted in the patient experience. We are a healthcare company that facilitates the sharing of information between providers and patients for successful case outcomes. We leverage technology and industry knowledge to create solutions that lessen the burden on doctors, nurses, and other health administrators by enabling patients to actively participate in their care. 

Simply stated – we believe our online and mobile tools can improve the speed, cost, and overall quality of healthcare services. You can read below to learn more about our founding story, approach, and current tools.

We Identified Gaps in the Healthcare System

Our founder – James Dias – always had a nose for problem-solving. Around 2009, he and his colleagues noted two important observations from patients about the information experience of about healthcare:


“We witnessed an all-around dissatisfaction from patients about the delivery of healthcare. We also noticed – because of the internet – a shift in the mindset of patients. Patients were starting to play a more active role in their healthcare because of newfound access to scientific and health-related information.”

Both observations set us on a mission to create online and mobile tools that could foster a better connection between patients and doctors. We saw an opportunity in the healthcare arena for deeply connected consumer-patient experiences through technology.

We Built a Knowledge base Through Wellbe’s Founding by Monitoring Consumer Patients 

We started our work in pediatric care – seeing a model where parents needed access to tools to manage their children’s medical conditions. In the process, we monitored other patients who had become professionals in their ability to navigate an otherwise complex healthcare system. These were patients with chronic illnesses who received the benefit of repetition in their healthcare episodes. 

We did some bright spot analysis to learn more about what made these patients successful in receiving care despite archaic systems. The outcome was a fresh perspective on what made some patients more adept than others at navigating their healthcare.

Healthcare Is Unfamiliar Territory for Most People – They Need Cues, Guidance, and Education


The reality is that healthcare is an unfamiliar experience for most patients. We tend to only seek doctors when something is wrong, which is not usually that often. Acute care patients require an increasing amount of education and signaling about their health procedures to have a meaningful role in achieving a successful outcome. To illustrate, they need extra guidance about stopping medications or fasting before a surgery. 

Unfortunately, doctors and nurses lack the extra time to fill in these important gaps and walk their patients through every healthcare procedure. We knew the solution was in online programs that could automate certain healthcare protocols so patients could take the right steps at the right time.

Our Approach Is Mindful of Regulations and Standard Practice

Healthcare data breaches are a growing concern as information transitions to online platforms. We appreciate the need for our systems to comply with corresponding rules on recordkeeping and patient privacy and have made provisions to meet the expectations of health systems and patient

From the beginning, infusing new technologies and protocols into the healthcare system would require a careful approach. We appreciate the need for sensitivity towards healthcare regulations like HIPAA and HiTech that exist to protect patients and administrators alike. 

We also have a deep respect for the human element of healthcare. The partnership between physician and patient is so important. We don’t view technology as ever being able to replace it. Rather, we see an opportunity for tech to strengthen that partnership. 

What is Wellbe Today? A User-Friendly Health Care Platform

Along the way, we transitioned our services from working directly with patients to collaborating with their providers. Hospitals and other healthcare providers can seamlessly work with our ConnectedCare(™) web platform and use several tools that lead to high patient participation. 

The General Services You Can Find through Our Platform

The design of our platform is comprehensive, which means we have solutions for every stage of a patient’s healthcare episode from acquisition to recovery management. 

  • Patient Integration and Referral – we want to increase your conversion rates for qualified patients
  • Evaluative Programs – to meet diagnostic and insurance requirements
  • Treatment Management – guiding clients throughout the treatment process
  • Surgical Patient Navigation – focused on preparation for surgery and subsequent recovery
  • Patient Optimization – helping patients with smoking, weight loss, and other perioperative issues 
  • Patient Reported Outcomes – data is automatically collected and submitted for your review
  • Care Management – support for patients coping with their condition
  • Recovery Management – monitor patients after treatment to confirm positive outcomes and their satisfaction. 

Additional Solutions for Specialty Care Programs

We understand some types of healthcare require greater attention and custom solutions because of their nature. For example, bariatric patients often require additional support considering insurance complications and diligent surgical prep. We built a Bariatric Patient Management program in response to improve each patient’s journey, incorporating both supervised weight loss management and surgery. 

Some of our other custom programs for specialized areas of medicine include: 

  • Orthopedics (Total Joint Replacement and Fractures)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Women’s Health, OB/Gyn 
  • Fertility/Reproductive Health
  • Cardiovascular Care
  • Oncology
  • Stroke Care

Please do not hesitate to reach out for further details on our service-specific solutions.

The Result Is Confident Preparation that Leads to Better Outcomes 

We design our programs to break the healthcare process into discrete steps that patients can absorb and follow with ease. These steps function like a smart checklist that allows patients to take ownership over their healthcare procedures. We provide a platform that feels natural, avoids confusion, and increases confidence in their process. 

The other benefit of this step-by-step methodology is the opportunity for providers and patients to see when important steps are missing. This prevents patients from advancing in the healthcare process without the proper requisites, which in turn delivers better outcomes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Our web programs are a cohesive solution that facilitates the sharing of information between physicians and patients.
  • Our programs act as smart checklists that inform patients of critical steps in their healthcare and notifies providers when steps are incomplete.
  • Our mission is to unleash the full value of patient, provider, and system partnerships to make healthcare more accessible, effective, and affordable. 

Let’s Have a Deeper Conversation About How We Can Help

Our founding began with humble observations about healthcare systems that are ready for change. Enabling patients and streamlining healthcare were the simple motives at the center of those observations. We’re proud of the success we have had, but we have just scratched the surface. Creating a dynamic and meaningful partnership requires continual learning and adaptation to maximize the experience and the outcomes for  our healthcare providers and their patients. 

In that spirit, we value every opportunity to meet with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare administrators about the challenges of their operations and our mobile online solutions. 

Contact one of our CarePath experts today to schedule a meeting or receive more information about our services.