Did you know that it’s possible to achieve PROMs collection rates up to 100% while saving your clinical staff precious time for patient care?

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  • Continuous improvement for better outcomes
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Patient-reported outcome measures are becoming a necessity for quality initiatives and alternative payment models. However, implementing a reliable PROMs collection program can be a painstaking and costly endeavor, taking hundreds of hours of precious staff time and typically resulting in low completion rates.

Introducing PROM Connect

PROM Connect is the dependable online solution from Wellbe that streamlines and automates the collection of patient-reported outcomes at the right times before and after surgery. We make it easy for your patients to access and complete their assessments; providing reminders to ensure they get them done on time and giving you the data reports you need to make your submissions. It's efficient, it's paperless, and will save staff time. Make PROM Connect a part of your care coordination program and benefit from the advantages that clinical teams at leading hospitals have already seen.

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"Wellbe has allowed us to collect patient-reported outcome measures electronically at specified times before and after total joint replacement. We are now using this to monitor our total joint patients going forward to watch for any complications or deterioration of their joints. With a surgical history of over 15,000 patients, it is difficult to monitor them all on a regular basis.  This system will allow me to track patients annually with electronic updates on their experience."

- Dr. David Fisher, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIndy


Improved Outcomes
By providing real-time feedback, PROMs are an increasingly important tool for improving physician alignment and the quality of care.

Increased Satisfaction
Patients want ease and convenience, and they increasingly expect to have an active role in their own care. PROMsConnect allows you to meet those expectations, enabling patients to be engaged in partnership with their care team. Increased patient engagement means increased compliance with care plans, and that leads to better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

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