Boost your quality score and maximize your bundle reconciliation dollars.


Ensure compliance


Save time and money


Improve patient satisfaction

Introducing PROMsConnect

A unique suite of online tools designed to streamline the collection of patient-reported outcomes, deliver targeted patient education, and conduct patient check-ins across an episode of care from preparation through recovery. PROMsConnect is the latest paperless solution from Wellbe Connected Care, a flexible system with a building block approach for redesign and innovation in your coordinated care program.

This easy-to-use cloud-based toolset enables patient-centered care while easing the provider workload to:

  • Ensure compliance with collection requirements
  • Save time and reduce costs, and
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Boost your quality score and maximize your bundle reconciliation dollars.

When you partner with Wellbe, your PROMs collection is streamlined to create a convenient and efficient process for both providers and patients.

By collecting and tracking PROMs data with PROMsConnect, you will:

Save Time and Money

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual PROMs collection and data entry. No more stacks of papers and sticky notes. No more frustrating phone tag. PROMsConnect increases efficiency and accuracy with automated pre- and post-operative PROMs collection, including automated patient reminders and care-team alerts.

Meet Collection Requirements

Bundled payment models are reshaping the way providers are delivering care. Collecting and reporting PROMs to Medicare can yield 2 additional points on your CJR Composite Quality Score. This can boost your organization into a higher quality category, which can mean up to $250 more per bundle patient by reducing your discount. PROMsConnect can help you achieve higher than 80% completion rates with minimal staff effort.

Improve Outcomes

By providing real-time feedback, PROMs are an increasingly important tool for improving physician alignment and the quality of care. Easy access to your PROMs data provides insights that help your care team identify opportunities for improvement in care delivery models.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients want ease and convenience, and they increasingly expect to have an active role in their own care. PROMsConnect allows you to meet those expectations, enabling patients to be engaged in partnership with their care team. Increased patient engagement means increased compliance with care plans, and that leads to better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

"Wellbe has allowed us to collect patient-reported outcome measures electronically at specified times before and after total joint replacement. We are now using this to monitor our total joint patients going forward to watch for any complications or deterioration of their joints. With a surgical history of over 15,000 patients, it is difficult to monitor them all on a regular basis.  This system will allow me to track patients annually with electronic updates on their experience."

- Dr. David Fisher, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIndy

Download the Case Study to learn how Dr. Fisher at OrthoIndy did that, and at the same time delivered:

  • Ease and convenience for better patient experiences
  • Continuous improvement for better outcomes
  • Coordinated care for better efficiency

3 essential tools to launch your value-driven care coordination program:


Patient Check-ins

Check-ins are a key component of a high-touch experience for patients. A pre-surgery check-in to monitor preparedness and a post-surgery check-in to monitor recovery help the care team manage risk by ensuring patients are on track for successful outcomes.


Patient Education

A step-by-step digital guide gives patients (and their families) the right information at the right time, managing expectations and mitigating risk by delivering consistent information and instructions. The care team can track patient progress and see when content has been presented and when the patient has confirmed completion.


PROMs Collection

Automated delivery of standard PROMs instruments increases collections rates and eliminates time-consuming manual processes. Patients receive surveys in the context of their connected care plan with easy-to-follow instructions. Up to two instruments (e.g. HOOS/KOOS and PROMIS-10) at any frequency. Export feature for reporting* Post-surgery email reminders with direct access (no login required)

Additional Tools

PROMsConnect includes additional tools to improve patient experiences and outcomes:
Pathway Insights - Visibility into your Connected Care data, including volume, preparedness, satisfaction, and PROMs, allows easy analysis and reporting.
CareCircle - Patients can view members of their care teams and invite family or friends to help.
Patient Experience Survey - Automated delivery to patients at 30, 60, or 90 days post-surgery provides key data for continuous improvement.

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