With the increasing popularity of bundled payment plans in healthcare, patient outcomes are more important than ever for healthcare providers to prove the value of their services.

This feedback can not only improve your own best practices, but ensure that regulations are met at local, state and federal levels. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are an important tool in tracking both quality of service that your organization delivers.


The importance of PROs

By recording and tracking PROM data, your healthcare facility gains a number of benefits, including the ability for surgeons to facilitate appropriate clinical decision-making, to comply with healthcare laws and payer requirements, and to validate data for research. PROMs can also help your medical organization identify areas where processes can be improved or performance enhanced to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. The information from this data collection can prove invaluable to your program.

PROMs survey instruments vary in requirements for frequency, collection location, format, and timeframe. Examples of instruments for knee and hip surgeries include the Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS), Hip disability and Osteo-arthritis Outcome Score (HOOS), Oxford Knee Score, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC), or Harris Hip Score. With Wellbe, you can more efficiently deploy whichever instrument you use.


Manage your program with Wellbe

While collecting Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can be extremely important for the success of your program, reliable collection can be a challenging task, especially if your patient volume is high. When you partner with Wellbe, the collection and reporting process is streamlined to create a method that is convenient and efficient for both providers and patients.

Wellbe’s PROMs Collection includes:


  • Online pre-surgery PROMs collection
  • Post-surgery PROMs collection for up to two years, at intervals of your choice
  • Simple, web-based patient enrollment
  • Automated patient reminders and care team alerts
  • Monthly PROMs reports for surgeons
  • Preparation of data for submission to registries like AJRR
  • Flexibility to deploy any instrument (e.g. HOOS JR, KOOS JR, etc.)

Wellbe has allowed us to collect patient-reported outcome measures electronically at specified times before and after total joint replacement. We are now using this to monitor our total joint patients going forward to watch for any complications or deterioration of their joints. With a surgical history of over 15,000 patients, it is difficult to monitor them all on a regular basis. This system will allow me to track patients annually with electronic updates on their experience.

Dr. David Fisher, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoIndy


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