A perioperative surgical home (PSH) is a patient-centered, physician-led system of coordinated care that guides patients through the entire surgical experience

From the decision for surgery to 30-90 days post discharge from a medical facility, the PSH model of care is re-engineered to improve patient care and outcomes while decreasing total cost.

Perioperative surgical homes are one way that medical professionals are seeking to coordinate care and reduce costs in the age of health care reform. By streamlining the pre-op processes, patients receive higher quality care and hospitals maximize their reimbursements from payers.


The benefits of perioperative surgical homes

One way that hospitals benefit from perioperative surgical homes is through the elimination of needless variation in procedure preparations. According to the Advisory Board Company, hospitals can save more than $1 million by simply reducing variation in these surgeries. Patient optimization efforts well before the procedure can play a large role by addressing preexisting problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes that could affect outcomes.

The model also allows care to be more patient-centric. By assigning specific roles to specific care team members, patients are more informed each step of the way and can play a more active role in their own treatment. Consequently, perioperative surgical homes can improve patient satisfaction with a hospital’s service.

Manage your program with Wellbe

Let Wellbe help you with the implementation and operation of the perioperative surgical home model. Simplify and streamline your perioperative processes with Wellbe to attain the following benefits in your program:


  • Early patient engagement
  • Instructions for pre-op evaluations
  • Surgery risk assessments
  • Surgery and anesthesia education


  • Transitional care planning
  • Discharge-related information
  • Risk monitoring and mitigation
  • Reduced variation in care plans


  • Follow-up education
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Post-op feedback from patients
  • Compliance documentation and reports

Wellbe’s Guided CarePath is an exciting development in producing a seamless experience for the patient, while also improving medical providers’ ability to reduce expensive delays, complications and lengths of stay. By channeling care events into a coordinated sequence, both patients and providers are much more satisfied as partners in the process.

Dr. Scott Springman, Anesthesiologist, University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics


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