Wellbe Releases New Care Coordination Capabilities in Connected Navigation System

Wellbe, the leading expert in guiding patients through their episodes of care, has released new tools for nurse navigators and care managers to coordinate patient care across the continuum.

Studies published in JAMA found that failures of care coordination increase U.S. healthcare costs by $25 billion to $45 billion annually. Poor care coordination can lead to readmissions, adverse patient safety events, and less than optimal outcomes.

Wellbe helps hospitals adapt to new market expectations for value-driven care by leveraging their Connected NavigationTM system to reduce risk and variation, improve efficiency, and increase competitiveness. The cloud-based platform combines vital tools for patient-directed engagement and care coordination to help patients interact with their care plans. By actively engaging them with automated step-by-step guidance along their journey of care, the system is able to improve the care design and achieve high patient satisfaction and outcomes at a lower cost.

The new coordinated tasks feature allows provider teams to manage each patient’s journey across the different settings in the episode of care. Wellbe’s Guided CarePaths now help provider teams stay on track with defined tasks that are synchronized to patient events, actions and status changes (e.g. identifying unprepared patients). Tasks can be configured for a variety of provider actions at different points and for different people to ensure that patients get exactly the right response and follow up at the right time.

“Providers are beginning to realize that care coordination strategies that bring patients into the process as actors in their care can produce better outcomes,” said James Dias, CEO of Wellbe. “Our clients are seeing the value of our Total Episode Management methodology to transform care delivery and drive key reductions in length of stay, readmissions and unnecessary post-acute care.”

Wellbe is providing essential solutions to enable providers and payers make the transition to value-based care. The company added eight customers in the first quarter of 2015.

About Wellbe, Inc. (//wellbe.me)
Wellbe, the inventor of the cloud-based Guided CarePath, works with health providers to engage patients as partners in their episodes of care. Our Guided CarePaths empower patients to learn and take the actions required to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. High-performing hospitals use Wellbe’s Connected Care solutions to improve the experience and efficiency of helping patients to successfully navigate their medical treatments and surgeries.

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