Wellbe Releases Survey Results of Nurses and Hospital Executives on the Orthopedic Service Line

Wellbe, Inc., creator of the Guided CarePath for Total Joint Replacement, today announced the results of a survey of orthopedic nurses and hospital executives on challenges and plans for their orthopedic departments. Two polls make up the survey, one consisting of responses from more than 600 orthopedic nurses, and the other from 100 hospital executives conducted by ITG Market Research, a division of ITG (NYSE: ITG).

The study is titled “360-Degree Report on the Orthopaedic Service Line,” as it reflects both sides of an orthopedic department director’s periphery, nursing staff under the department’s management as well as leadership above.

“Orthopedic service line managers are entering a new era of unpredictability with healthcare reform, reimbursement pressures, increased payer scrutiny, and higher patient demands,” said James Dias, CEO of Wellbe, Inc. “We hope this survey will offer orthopedic directors new exclusive insights to help them set the stage of their department going in to 2014.”

One highlight of the report is that 64% of hospital executives surveyed have already established or plan to establish a bundled payment program in at least one area of their hospital in the next 1-2 years. Those who download the FREE report will also learn:

• Where orthopedics ranks for executives’ top service lines for 2014 investments
• The one thing nurses believe patients are most unprepared for when having joint replacement surgery
• The missing piece in patient education and how 95% of respondents foresee its value
• The 2 primary metrics hospital executives would use to evaluate the success of bundled payments programs

Download the free survey results: “360-Degree Report on the Orthopaedic Service Line: New Insights for Service Line Directors from Ortho Nurses and Hospital Executives” at www.orthoserviceline.com/360report.

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