Wellbe.me Announces Free Webinar on Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Families

Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, is hosting a complimentary webinar with Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN, on “Improving the Patient Experience by Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Families.”

The therapeutic relationship is what brings Relationship-Based Care to life. The purpose of the therapeutic relationship is to facilitate the capacity of patients and their loved ones to cope with illness and to invite them into full partnership in their healing and health. It is grounded in medical, nursing, and psychological research, and it is built on the healing power of authentic connection.

Join Mary Koloroutis, Creative Health Care Management Vice President and co-author of See Me as a Person, for a free webinar in which attendees will learn the four practices that will help to create therapeutic relationships with patients and families in even the most chaotic, time-constrained environments.

Improving the Patient Experience by Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Families
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The webinar recording is available on demand here:

Wellbe.me is also a sponsor of Creative Health Care Management’s upcoming 2013 International Relationship-Based Care Symposium taking place September 10-13 in Huron, OH.

About the Presenter
MaryKoloroutisWeb2010As a co-creator, author, and editor of the Relationship-Based Care series of books and seminars, Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN, helps health care organizations create a framework for delivering world-class care with strong underlying values and principles, and then works with them to implement that framework.

Her most recent book, See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and their Families, co-authored with Michael Trout, helps clinicians in all disciplines to connect authentically with the patients and families in their care, no matter how chaotic their care environments may be.

Mary is known as an innovator, creator, and gifted facilitator. She enjoys inspiring people to recognize their unique gifts and the sacred trust inherent in the work of caring. She achieves results by identifying and using existing strengths and capacities of individuals and groups. One of Mary’s most far-reaching programs, Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring, helps members of the health care team transform their workplaces into cultures where responsibility prevails, relationships thrive, appreciation is openly expressed, and caring and healing are the foundations of each working day.

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Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, works with health providers to engage patients as partners in their treatments. We make it simple and convenient for patients to follow their ‘doctor’s orders’ and speed their way to good health. Our Guided Treatment solutions empower patients – with the assistance of their caregivers and care teams – to learn and take the actions required to achieve better outcomes at lower costs.