Wellbe.me Announces Webinar on ePatient Expectations and Challenges with the Healthcare System

Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, is hosting a complimentary webinar with Nancy B. Finn on “The Empowered Patient of the 21st Century – How Technology Enables Good Medical Practice.”

This presentation will present a profile of empowered, e-patients, their expectations and challenges when confronted with medical issues and have to deal with the medical establishment, and the tools that they use to communicate and collaborate with their health care providers. Patients are looking for compassionate, caring providers who are comfortable engaging with them in open two-way communication. They expect full information at the point of care so that in partnership with their providers they can make appropriate choices and good decisions

Today’s e-patient is used to constant communication delivered in sound bites from a variety of media. They use email to communicate with their colleagues and business associates, access various online networks and databases in order to connect with others, use a variety of health apps on their smartphones, and find needed information on the web. They are concerned with their health, but are typically confused and overwhelmed with the complexity of health care. The presentation will review the tools that e-patients and savvy providers use to provide the patient-centered care that we are all trying to achieve including: digital health records, email, patient portals, health information exchange, smartphones, online resources and telemedicine technology.

The Empowered Patient of the 21st Century – How Technology Enables Good Medical Practice
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The webinar recording and slides are available on demand here:

About the Presenter
nancyNancy B. Finn is a health care journalist, thought leader and patient advocate focusing on patient empowerment and engagement with the deployment of digital communication technology. She is the author of “e-Patients Live Longer, the Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology”, published by iUniverse. She is one of the blog authors of e-patients.net published by the Society for Participatory Medicine, writes the health care blog www.healthcarebasicsinfo.com, and is the editor of Health Care Basics, a monthly e-newsletter. She is a contributing columnist and a reviewer for the Journal of Participatory Medicine and is sought after to write articles for health-related publications.

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Wellbe.me, the inventor of the cloud-based Patient Guidance System™, works with health providers to engage patients as partners in their treatments. We make it simple and convenient for patients to follow their ‘doctor’s orders’ and speed their way to good health. Our Guided Treatment solutions empower patients – with the assistance of their caregivers and care teams – to learn and take the actions required to achieve better outcomes at lower costs.